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No towel:

Photos: Booie Grant’s Twitter

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One year anniversary, remember E?



Ernests Gulbis, scruff and all, did a Twitter Q&A Tuesday on the Rogers Cup Twitter feed and like all bad boys, he played hard to get.

He was inevitably asked when he would join social media, to which he answered:

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Muzz nuzz
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Kate Winslet FTW

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Andy Murray conducted a Facebook Q&A Thursday and fear not, it’s just as awesome and dry as his notorious Twitter Q&As.

Here are the highlights:

He got called out for his untidy abode:


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Très fière de cette toute dernière campagne pour Banque Nationale shooté ce printemps. Surtout, une super belle rencontre avec Vasek Pospisil et Aleksandra Wozniak. TOP!

Client: Banque Nationale

Agence: Sid Lee

Photo: Gabrielle Sykes

DA: Bruno Florin

Achat d’Art: Marie-Christine Côté - Jimmy Lee

Service Conseil: Madeline Dumayne

1er Assistant: Marc-Olivier Bécotte

Assistant numérique: Laurent Heitzmann

Designer de plateau: Karim Charlebois-Zariffa

Stylisme: Jay Forest (Folio) / Valentine Mazel / Dominique Descantes

MUA: Aya Murai

Retouche: Visual Box

Production: Patricia Doss Zetä Production

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Disbelief. I mean…incredible. This is the event you dream of as a little kid to play in, and to win, which is something incredible, and I can’t believe we did it- it’s really really special right now. This is what I’ve worked for my whole life, ever since I started walking I’ve been hitting balls around the house, and pretty much all I’ve done my whole life is tennis, so…it’s like a dream come true right now for everybody in my whole family- my dad especially, who’s so much a part of this- coached me pretty much my whole life, and unfortunately he couldn’t be here, but really special moment for everyone.

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Photo 29 Jul 6 notes "Walking in downtown Paris and I ran into gulbis #onlyatthefrench" by @bigfoe1998 IG (Francis Tiafoe, young American player).

"Walking in downtown Paris and I ran into gulbis #onlyatthefrench" by @bigfoe1998 IG (Francis Tiafoe, young American player).

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Domi’s slam

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